Sketch of Bay Bridge, Sailboats and Whale

6 Steps in the Branding Process

When starting the development of a brand for a client, a design firm will follow these 6 steps:

  1. The first step is the establishment of your mission and/or vision statement for the company.
  2. The second step requires research of your products, services and target audiences. We will pinpoint what your company stands for, what you hope to accomplish and deliver a clear perception of your products and services to the community.
  3. The third step in branding is creating a template for the overall look. We will present style ideas and evaluate the client and target audience feedback. Whale Works’ process involves interviews, questionnaires, sketches, color palette samples, collages and mood boards.
  4. Step number four settles a list of elements for the brand such as the logo, tagline, website, printed materials, office and retail spaces and the look and feel of the products.
  5. For step number five, we will establish the guidelines for the brand elements and begin designs for them.
  6. The last step is the anticipation of the brand’s evolution and coming up with a plan to keep the brand up to date.

Innovation is as important as pattern, emotion as important as logic, dark as important as light, variety as important as consistency. Design should be logical, but it also should connect with people on a human, emotional level.

Jason Dziak, Happy Cog

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