Lisa’s Cakepops

Design for printed brochure and product tags.

Lisa has taken her brochures and product tags to conferences and events to make valuable sales contacts.

Client: Lisa’s Cakepops
Date: January 18, 2019
Services: Design, Art Direction

Print Design

Lisa, of Lisa’s Cakepops, met with Whale Works Design to brainstorm how the two companies could work together.

We started with some promotional print projects to increase traffic to Lisa’s Cakepops through phone calls and visits.

Whale Works designed product tags, based on Lisa’s business cards, and several folding brochures, featuring her professional photography.

“Suzanne and I have worked together on several projects and she has been able to capture the vision of my business in print. I own a bakery and so much of what I do is visual. Suzanne consolidated and organized my written content as well as my photographs and was extremely professional. Her customer service goes above and beyond and she even personally delivered brochures from the printer that had a deadline directly to me! I highly recommend Suzanne and Whale Works.”

Lisa's Cakepops
Lisa Schneiderman Founder and Director of Delight