Cheaper Than a Geek Connected Postcard

Cheaper Than a Geek

Print and digital marketing campaign.

Client: Cheaper Than a Geek
Date: February 28, 2019
Services: Print, Digital and Social Media Design, Copy Writing, Website Landing Pages, Art Direction

Print and Digital Marketing Strategy

Chris, owner of Cheaper Than a Geek, contacted Whale Works Design for a print marketing campaign proposal. I suggested adding a digital component to the campaign for more visibility, online search features, stronger reinforcement and a broader reach of their message.

The ongoing project includes a postcard series with coordinating social media posts and ads, further boosted by matching landing pages that lead to Cheaper Than a Geek’s website.

Corporate branding was used with the color scheme, copy writing style and photography choices.

Cheaper Than a Geek’s branding style mixes humorous elements with professional settings. The target audiences of the campaign are real estate agents, offices and brokers.


“Working with Whale Works is AMAZING! Not only were we granted a high-quality series of post cards for our latest marketing initiative, they tied in a complementing email and online campaign as well. The attention to detail is second to none, and we are excited about reaching a new pool of customers!”

Cheaper Than a Geek
Chris Barber Chief Nerd, Cheaper Than a Geek