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How To Best Use Website Templates

Save time and avoid common mistakes.

Match the branding from your brand style guide. Use the specified colors, typefaces, photo and graphic styles, patterns, logo versions, alignments, sizing, spacing and tone (for copy writing).

Break apart and reduce large sections of text with shorter sections and/or bulleted content.

Reduce your risk for errors, malware and security threats by not using free templates and/or typefaces. Stick to licensed website templates and licensed typefaces (such as typefaces from Google Fonts, Adobe and other reputable type houses).

Be consistent with each page when using backgrounds, navigational elements, headers and footers.

Keep your layouts clean and clear to understand.

Don’t be tempted to use all of the bells and whistles offered.

Address your users’ needs, and remember to be ADA compliant.

Test and update your site on a regular basis.

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