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How Good Typography Helps Your Brand

Clarify your messaging and connect with your customers.

Typography consists of letterforms, glyphs, numbers and punctuation symbols. Everyday, we use and see typography in our emails, website searches, paper mail, social media scrolls and on signs and trucks during our drives around town.

Typography is part of your logo, makes up 95% of your website, is what your target audiences read to learn about you and your business, catches people’s attention on social media and brings in emails and phone calls from leads.

When used incorrectly and/or without consistency, poor typography can create confusion and diminish your brand’s professionalism .

How the words look is just as important as what the words say.

So, how will good typography help your brand? It can:

  • Build your visual identity.
  • Show potential clients your personality and tone.
  • Make your business recognizable and memorable.
  • Give your brand continuity for all communications.
  • Show your professionalism.
  • Create a hierarchy of information with contrast and scale.
  • Increase legibility with weights and colors.
  • Add meaning to information for clarity.
  • Influence customer decision making.
  • Keep the reader’s attention.
  • Drive conversations.
  • Bring your words to life.

Let’s talk about reviewing your brand’ typographic styles sheets for web, print and social.