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14 Tips for Website Design

I reviewed basic concepts of website design for a small Chamber of Commerce networking group.

Here are 14 tips which I recommend for business website design:

  1. Get your users‘ attention in 3 seconds or less per page
  2. Make your web design responsive for all screens
  3. Have white space around and within your design for easier reading and focus
  4. Use easy to understand action words
  5. Link to other sites
  6. Track your site‘s performance
  7. Break out sections of your copy into bullets
  8. Explain how you can provide solutions
  9. Feature your products and services
  10. Use original professional photography — overviewed stock can degrade your brand
  11. Make a connection with the user
  12. Headings should be relevant to your customer‘s searchable items
  13. Headings are picked up more than content by search engines
  14. For a coherent theme throughout your website and all of your marketing pieces, use consistency in heading sizes, font choices, color schemes, spacing, design elements, illustration and photography styles

Design is a means toward accomplishing the end goals of serving markets and generating profits. Furthermore, design is an element in social responsibility.

Thomas F. Shute, Former President, RISD and Pratt Institute

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