Gluten-Free Bakery Girl

Gluten-Free Bakery Girl has a quaint shop in historic St. Michaels, MD. Tricia, the owner and pastry chef, wanted to expand her business with an e-commerce website. Whale Works Design worked with Tricia to develop and host her first website through BigCommerce. Whale Works Design is now assisting with raising analytic scores through design consulting, including strategies for social media and email communications.

Client: Gluten-Free Bakery Girl
Date: July 1, 2023
Services: Website Design, Print Design, Copy Writing, Social Media Content, Email Layouts, Design Consulting

Email layouts, social media content, media scheduling and podcast interviews reinforced Tricia’s SEO. Print design was added with a rack card to hand out at conferences and events and a wholesale menu booklet for Gluten-Free Bakery Girl’s retail and restaurant clients.

After 5 years of working together, Gluten-Free Bakery Girl achieved her goals of increasing sales from her website, bringing in more customers to her bakery, building out the physical space of her dedicated gluten-free bakery and kitchen, hiring additional employees and expanding her list of wholesale partners for her retail outlets.

Parting ways was difficult, but necessary, due to the growth of both of our businesses. After a fall in her momentum, we temporarily joined forces, in an effort to elevate her analytics beyond their original scores.

Whale Works Design Gluten-Free Bakery Girl Website
Whale Works Design Gluten-Free Bakery Girl Website
Whale Works Design Gluten-Free Bakery Girl Website

“I have been so thankful for all that you have done and for working with me.”

Tricia King, Gluten-Free Bakery Girl
Tricia King Owner, Gluten-Free Bakery Girl